koth_dam a12

A simple koth map intended for competitive play

  1. Changed to rotated symmetry and reblocked rollout areas

    This version has some pretty significant changes and I'm prepared to stay in alpha for a bit longer to iron out the reblocked areas. Some of these changes weren't exactly necessary but I thought they'll make it feel better to play on.

    • Changed to rotated symmetry
    • Lowered light brightnesses a bit
    • Moved the brick house forward a bit
    • Added some height variation inside the brick house
    • Swapped the stairs and choke positions on the main building
    • Rearranged rollout areas
    • Added a new rollout option to the left which leads to the gravel dump
    • Increased gravel dump height
    • Temporarily removed 3D skybox
    • Added doorway between the gravel dump and the main building
    • Removed the flank under point
    • Simplified some geometry
    • Reduced visleafs
    • Fixed capture zone decals for people with fps configs (hopefully)
    • Added a slope to the small hp and ammo under point
    • Removed railing on the upper catwalk
    a12 pics:
    20170504171943_1.jpg 20170504172025_1.jpg 20170504172044_1.jpg 20170504172109_1.jpg 20170504172145_1.jpg 20170504172213_1.jpg 20170504172702_1.jpg
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