koth_dam a12

A simple koth map intended for competitive play

  1. Made the point area a bit smaller and added more building features along rollout

    • Moved the chokepoints closer to point
    • Added a fence on the lower edge of point
    • Added some concrete blocks to point
    • Added a roof, walls, and multiple rollout paths to the area between spawn and point
    • Removed the ceiling from the sniper box
    • Added a new entrance to point below the sniper box
    • Added a small tower near the new point entrance
    • Change the gravel displacement on point a little
    • Added a nobuild region to the gravel on point
    • Made the glass on point a bit smaller
    • Made the scaffolding by the crane look more like scaffolding
    • Added more detailing
    • Raised up the spawns so that there is a slight height advantage upon leaving spawn
    • Widened the choke building
    • Added another exit from the choke building
    • Removed the lower spawn door
    • Added a third spawn door on the side
    • Combined the stairs below point into a ramp
    • Moved the turbines a little forward
    • Separated the lower entrance to the turbines into two doorways
    • Removed the shutter in the lower flank area
    I've been working hard on this version so sorry for the slower updates!

    a5 pics:
    20161106103501_1.jpg 20161106103519_1.jpg 20161106103536_1.jpg 20161106103627_1.jpg 20161106103640_1.jpg 20161106103656_1.jpg 20161106103708_1.jpg 20161106103717_1.jpg 20161106103730_1.jpg 20161106103747_1.jpg 20161106103802_1.jpg 20161106103823_1.jpg 20161106103844_1.jpg 20161106103856_1.jpg 20161106103935_1.jpg 20161106103946_1.jpg 20161106103955_1.jpg 20161106104007_1.jpg 20161106104030_1.jpg 20161106104042_1.jpg
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