koth_change a10

A map which should depict modern japan in a linear symmetrical form.

  1. leonard9500
    Good evening everyone.

    This is the first map I've made. It shall take place in modern, technologically advanced japan. Going into beta, tall buildings and gay lights will span the sky.

    In the streets there should be small markets in contrast to the buildings.

    I've looked out a lot for angles that may give one player too big an advantage over the other. The angled bridges near both spawns provide quite some interest, considering that they cut the view and the two routes to the mid point.

    I've considered darker areas to have a lower density of players, while well lit ones are more crowded places.

    Demomen may find a lot of interest in the angles near some corners.

    Soldiers have a quick rollout as well as the demoman. It's near spawn...

    Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions on this map.

    More clips for sharp corners and stairs will be added later on.

    P.S.: I'm aware that one can stand on the roofs near mid. But shhhh...

    This is a reupload, so that the map has an actual name.


    1. map_koth_1_a9_overview_6.jpg
    2. map_koth_1_a9_overview_7.jpg
    3. map_koth_1_a9_overview_8.jpg
    4. map_koth_1_a9_overview_9.jpg
    5. map_koth_1_a9_overview_3.jpg