72hr koth_cave b1

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check it out, tons of cosmetics was added
nothing really good here, only rename and packed assets
its last alpha release i hope, because i'm getting lazier and lazier and i dont want to principically change map geometry, if this alpha will get good feedback, next update will be beta with tons of changes(cosmetics and not). so, what's new? download and look. i added tons of props and textures, and i have some plans to the small underground room, now its empty but i want to make it more comfortable. also, skybox now is actually is a box. no more visual bugs with invis walls. so, i really want you to play this map or test it on server, and it will be very good if you share your feedback.
p.s. i forgot to get some screenshots of map, again D:
yeah, umm, a5 released and it got bigger map, more texturing and ye, i chose mayann theme for maps, so some models are replaced, some just added, and i hope you will like new style
A3 bring to the australium cave mostly cosmetics changes, such as
- New textures, they may be changed at any time, because i don't know, which visual style should i use
- Added 2 lights at dark sniper rooms
- Added 2 medium healthpacks and 2 medium ammo packs hided behind that BRUTAL DEV TEXTURED walls
- Added cosmetic props (on some of them you can trimp)
- Added clips to not let the soldiers and demomans jump on roofs of camping houses
This version still have tons of minuses and problems, but hey, its first map, isn't it?
A1 - release
A2 - map is now bigger