koth_cashside a2b

Competitive Koth map inspired by Lakeside, Cascade and Ashville.

  1. Quality of Life Improvements

    The Default Guy
    Mostly changes that make my life easier, some gameplay changes, some optimization, and some decoration.

    Version a2b:
    -Added more nodraw textures on faces that aren't visible.
    -Added more props for decoration.
    -Tidied up some sloppy brushes.
    -Replaced dev textures to proper ones in areas that are for decoration.
    -Tidied up the Skybox.
    -Removed Sniper sightline from the shutter doors at mid to the left route from spawn.
  2. Small Improvements

    The Default Guy
    -Lowered the arch above the point.
    -Removed the angled walls near the point.
    -Extended Sniper Balcony forward to be in line with the fence on the left and to provide teams with a bit more room under Balcony.
    -Altered the left route from spawn to remove a Sniper Sightline as well as make the left route take slightly longer.
    -Altered the entrance to the main room to remove a Sniper Sightline and make the route through mid slightly faster.
    -Closed up the Skybox around the Spawn area for better...