koth_building Alpha 02


  1. [G.E.W.P]Alepro
    it is my first map i am sort of a n00b map maker

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  1. rectool
    Version: Alpha 02
    Very good for first map,but there are a few flaws.
    1)The red team has a column around the point,and the blue team it is not.
    2)Straight flanks.A great place for snipers.Put some obstacles
    3)Add climbing to the point from the flanks
    4)The player can shoot through respawn with the respawn.Fix it
    5)Change the balconies.With these easy to shoot and there's hard to kill you.It slows down the gameplay
    6)Beat center point obstacles.Because now there are no shelters at all.
    Good luck:)
    1. [G.E.W.P]Alepro
      Author's Response
      thanks! this type of feedback is my fuel to keep going!