koth_box 4/6/2018

So much room for activities!

  1. Bunker Junker
    Story: I wanted to make a competitively viable koth map, so I looked to the advice of some top TF2 players like B4nny, 2pac, Usain Bolt, etc, and so after working on this map for a while, (10 minutes) I believe it's ready to be play tested by you guys. :)

    Terrible jokes aside, I know you guys will probably shrug and say this is a waste of a slot, but hey, I was too late for the April Fools event, and this map still "qualifies" as a standard gamemode map so.. But still, sorry for what essentially is a crap-post in a form of a map. But I do promise the next map I upload here will have a lot more effort put into it.

    Anyways, that also aside, have fun with your imagination in the box! (Getting sticky trapped for 3 minutes)


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