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72hr Jam 2022 koth_bombfall b34

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72hr Jam 2022 koth_bombfall b34

Capture the point to make bombs fall! (Actually they're exploding, radioactive barrels)


(Will upload better preview picture later)

[Note, I've gotten the map playtested thanks to the TF2Maps server. And yeah, the maps has some problems. Mapping is more of a hobby of mine and I've never publicly released a map before but I decided to join the 72hr jam just for fun. It was really fun and the community is really amazing and welcomming and I've taken note that I got a lot to learn when it comes to mapping.]

A King of The Hill map that's gonna be mirrored to make it easier on me during these 72hours and to make it equally fair for both teams. A giant bomb (exploding barrel) will fall from the sky whenever a team caps the point.

Planned updates:
-Change the pumpkin-bomb field to a regular minefield.
-Change the radioactive barrels to pumpkin-bombs. Most players don't realize that they are tf_generic_bombs.
-Make the map way wider.
-Create a working 3D Skybox. I'm having some issues at the moment.
-Make the falling barrel actually a bomb to avoid lawsuits and make the falling more realistic.
-Change the geometry here and there and add some PlayerClip to block scouts, demomen and soldiers from advancing too quickly.
-Add arrow props to guide players better.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. Re-uploaded again

    I uploaded the wrong version before.
  2. Re-upload

    Reuploaded it due to download issues
  3. Done! (Hopefully)

    It is done! Mirrored and textured. Unfortunatley I couldn't get the 3D skybox to work so the maps looks rather empty outside.

Latest reviews

It's great that you had fun making this entry - that's what the Jam is all about! And we could definitely have more explosive barrels in our lives.