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Latest updates

  1. a7 released!

    A bit of a minor update. - Moved some props - Added some props - Speed up all shutters (600 to 800) - Temporarily removed loss in Blu lobby - Added light in corner outside lobby - Added little brush above point to stand on - Reworked flank room...
  2. a6 released o.o

    - Big rework to side opposite of cliff! (From now on, I will call it concrete) - Added funky ramp for jurf - Moved small health - Added fence to provide cover - Resized shack on grass to make it easier to jump on - Enlarged capturing...
  3. a5 released!

    I've been reading all your feedback, and I've made an effort to limit the effectiveness of a sniper on mid. Feedback on layout is appreciated! The shack added on grass will cut off many sightlines. - Brightened sun -Changed lighting in flank...