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koth_avoda a1

A half open koth inspired by maps such as cp_process and cp_powerhouse

koth_avoda is overall the 4th TF2 map I've been working on but the first one I'm confident is good enough to share for playtests. It consists of open areas broken up by a few big rooms that I wanted to feel as unclaustrophobic as possible. My main goal is making a good map that is fun and balanced for all the classes tho I do have some things that I know could require change, that's why it's Alpha.

By the end of development, gameplay and artstyle wise I want it to feel and look like a mix of cp_process and cp_powerhouse, 2 maps I really enjoy.

Thanks to Crash and 3kliksphilip for all the Hammer Editor tutorials they have made and helped me learn this terrible program.

Thanks to ficool2 for creating Hammer++

Thanks to A Boojum Snark for creating Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack

Thanks to Tagoz, Miku and BJ for some help with the program/checking for erros.
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