Koth_AquaticwIndustrial 72 Hour Jam!

Koth_AquaticwIndustrial 72 Hour Jam! 2016-07-23

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Koth_AquaticwIndustrial 72 Hour Jam! 2016-07-23

A Map I Threw Together For The TF2 72 Summer Jam!

A Map That I Made For The 72 Hour TF2 Summer Jam! This Is My Second Map, ( My First Was Koth_Lumber). Edit; I used custom assets from the new front line pack
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Symmetrical CP

Latest updates

  1. I used vide again

    I REPACKAGED My Files Again. So Hopefully it should work now
  2. I Learned How To Package Textures!

    So before this i didn't know how to package textures which ended up making the map look terrible, so know its textured