koth_afterburn A5

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Guess who's back. Back again. Maybe.

*Properly surrounded map with skybox
*Added nodraws
*Added some lights
*Some extremely minor changes
*Removed a frontline asset i accidentally placed at mid
*fixed a tiny lip you could get stuck on at mid

*Downscaled the map
*Redesigned the route from spawn to battlements
*Added a new route from the right route to the middle route
*Redesigned mid as a building
*Something else i might be forgetting
*Downscaled the routes leading from spawn to mid
*Added a new building to mid
*Temporarily removed all frontline assets
*Added a new door leading from the battlements building out to mid
*Altered the left building by adding a new route leading to the new building and changing the location of the previous door
*Made the health and ammo platform next to mid smaller
*Some other minor changeskoth_battle_a30001.jpg
*Added a new ground texture
*Raised cover around the point to block sightlines
*Added a window looking at the full health-kit in connector
*Changed a pillar under the stairs leading to battlements to a wall to provide cover
*Added cover in the rightside route to mid
*Added clipping to the bottom of the stair prop leading into the vents
*Added some detail to the connector leading out from the spawn courtyard

I don't have many ideas on what to change before beginning detailing right now so i will try to submit this to the next gameday! Be sure to be on the lookout for a chance to test this on a server with people.
Now with the Frontline! assets included!

Feedback is still nice :)