KOTH Whale

KOTH Whale a6

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I accidentaly left a hole in a wall for ne reason and I just noticed now :/. It wasnt leaking but opening a hole in an area that you are not supposed to go.
While Im at it, I may also mention the small changes I forgot to note in the previous version update.

-Fixed the stupid hole
-Modified the ramps in the first courtyards
-Made the ramps to the point slightly smaller
-Removed a wall on the top level of the transition to mid
I am trying to rework mid because some tests revealed that it was boring and too overpowered for the defending team to just stand on the point and do nothing for 3 minutes. Keep in mind that Im doing my best and trying things to balance mid. The main problems appears to be that the defending team can see every entrance to the point so I tried adding a new one that no longer allows that.

-Added a new way to mid in hope that it will allow the attacking team to get more easily to the point.
-Lowered the cover on the capture area because the point was just a fortress at this point.
-Modified some pickups (for example replaced the full health kit in the flanks with a medium one)
-Changed the skybox so that it is not bright as hell anymore.
-Added whistles at the start and end of each round, depending on wich team wins.

Thank you to everyone that left nice and usefull feedback in the last test. Feel free to submit more feedback. It helps me a lot.
Good Evening, In this update I did a lot more texturing and detailing

Changes :
-More Details and Textures
-Fixed the lighting (this was indeed looking pretty much like a surreal art museum)
-Made the ponds big enough to extinguish players
-Made the water area near the flank routes a little bit bigger and changed the displacement / Big Healthkit position (also added a medium ammopack in this area)
-Fixed a small yet powerful sightline from the flanks directly onto the point
-Removed a spot that allowed sneaky soldiers to spam the point from another courtyard
-Added Soundscapes !
-Detailing in the non-playable areas
-Did a little bit of optimization (I will do way more in future updates)

Thanks a lot to all the people that left very usefull and nice feedback.
As always, more feedback is appreciated, I try to improve the map the best as I can.
Changes :
-Started experimenting some detailing
-Added some water
-Inverted the flank entrances to the point to that attackers cant abuse them
-Made the capture zone a little bit smaller
-Added more lighting
-Closed the "Dead f*cking end" in the flanks that allowed for engies to camp the room.

As always, feel free to leave feedback, and thanks to everyone that submitted feedback in the last version even though the imp died with my map.
Good Evening, Im updating my map. Thanks to all the people that left helpul feedback while testing it !

Major Changes :
-Reworked the flank routes so that they no longer allow to completly ignore the point (they might change later Im testing stuff right now)
-Completly reworked the 2nd courtyard before the point so that it is no longer a boring and large empty room
-Also brought the 2nd courtyard closer to mid
-Added Cover from sightlines on the point
-Fixed a lot of sightlines
-Added Overlays under pickups
-Added more lighting (the map was indeed very dark)

Again, feedback is much appreciated :)


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