KOTH Shrine

KOTH Shrine A2

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KOTH Shrine A2

Welcome to the jungle.

Battle in the mayann ruins that once was overpopulated and is now an easy way to get yourself killed.

This map contains props and textures from the mayann prop pack.
Please download the prop pack or alot of the map will be broken.
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  1. KOTH Shrine

    Welcome to the mayann shrine of Mannsralina! And don't feed the birds. FYI: I couldn't add areaportals so expect small amounts of lag for moderate speed computers.

Latest reviews

It was a very nice map, I like how you tied in the mayann thing going on with tf2.
It felt very natural, and the trees look way better than anything I could do!

Now, I've got a map...
Now's the hard part...
Finding some friends...
I'm lonely...