Koth Secure the Bomb rc1

My first map ever. (Made in March 2018) Will never be updated.

  1. xJoshua™
    Here's a steam workshop link.

    (Copy pasted from steam workshop post)
    "It was just the ordinary weapons transportation across the badlands for BLU, or so they thought.
    RED had aquired some classified documents ordering the transport of a large explosive device. Not wanting this to become a problem for them later they sabotaged the bridge that goes over a ditch in an industrial park aiming to render the bomb useless. BLU was able to recover the bomb. Now the two teams battle to secure the bomb for themselves!

    Join the action yourself in my first map, "KOTH: Secure the Bomb!"

    So as the sentence above states this is my first published map, it's been nearly a week..." (I did make it in under a week) "...in the making and I've playtested it with friends for hours. Let me know what you think and how it can be improved or if you find any things wrong with the map that need to be fixed/changed." (Not anymore on that last part)