KotH Rooftop Plaza

KotH Rooftop Plaza b20

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WOOOH! new update! and another big one!


I did a livestream on my channel, making some stuff!
  • added more lighting
  • fixed the triggerhurt, being completetly silent when hurting you!
  • changed some of the lighting
  • fixed custom textures
  • Added to many pinup calenders... damn, my pervy teen brain!
This update is huge!

I don't even know where to start! So just check it out, im pretty proud of it!

I have added an elevator, a lot of small paths and corridors, finalized layouts of all rooms and highly improved the roof. Fixed many issues. Made the roof actually look like a roof! Added a room, a new path from spawn and MUCH more!

There is also a secret hidden in the map! Can you find it?
  • Removed and added a few props here and there
  • changed the vent textures in red spawnroom to something that doesnt emit its own lighting...
  • added cliping to stairs
  • made the scaffolding to the roof have steps!
  • improved performance and fixed some gaps between brushes here and there!
  • Added shit tons of decorations in the top spawn rooms!
  • Added some effects to ligthing like lightmoles and glowing on lamps!
  • Moved some things around...
I hope you enjoy the map! Don't be shy to give it a rating ;)
  • Changed the capture area, to be 4 barriers with an outline clearly showing where you can cap!
  • Changed some things around and added a bit more clutter
  • improved some lighting and removed the dynamic lights that changed based on who capped (didnt fit the asthetics of the map)
  • a nav file is included with the download, for the people who have no friends to play with! Enjoy the bots...
  • fixed the issue with props not showing, by making props prop_dynamic, instead of prop_static.
  • added some more clipping for the players enjoyment...
I hope you enjoy the map! Don't be shy to give it a rating ;)
  • improved spawn rooms.
  • Added barriers on the roof (Gonna add some building or something, so the roof is more interesting).
  • Added more props
  • Added clipping on stairs, for a more smooth experience!
  • Added more lighting
  • Added dynamic lighting that changes color based who has capped the control point
  • Cooler textures that fit the theme better!
  • Fixed some issues, with brushes not aligning correctly wich gave some ugly holes in the walls.
  • added spectator cameras!
  • Improved lighting to look more natural
  • added bricks, and added a lot of details in the new spawn area
  • added cover around the capture point, so engies aren't so op!
  • Changed the name for the last time!
The map gets close and closer to being finished, so if you have some issues with the map, please tell me! Some feedback would be great!

Gonna make a trailer soon...!

2015-10-15_00005.jpg 2015-10-15_00006.jpg 2015-10-15_00007.jpg 2015-10-15_00008.jpg
  • added spawn rooms on roof
  • added objects that can kill you on the roof
  • fixed some graphical issues on some of the brushes
  • added fog!
  • improved some of the lighting
  • added posters
2015 13/10 Changelog:
  • Most lighting issues should be fixed now!
  • I have optimized the SHIT out of the map! (My current fps on the map on high settings is 300) I have basicly used the nodraw texture to increase performance by tons!
  • you can now walk on the roof! next update will include a spawn on the roof!
  • I have improved the lighting and improved the texture placements!
  • Better doors
  • fixed some spawncamping, so snipers want have such an easy time camping the spawn doors :)
  • Fixed the skybox!
  • improved prob placements and health and ammo kits!
  • The reflections are beautiful now
  • HDR shouldn't fuck up the lighting anymore!
That was a lot! Time for some sleep... It's 5am!

Here are some screenshots!
this the only way to get up on the roof on foot (for now!)

This is to prevent spawncamping...
just a nice view from the roof!