KOTH Fort Foxtrot

KOTH Fort Foxtrot A4

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KOTH Fort Foxtrot A4

A King of the Hill map with indoors and outdoors areas!

A king of the hill map with two buildings on either side.
(Name is W.I.P.)

To install:
1. Open Steam and right click on TF2
2. Click Properties
3. Go to "Local Files" and click "Browse Local Files"
4. Go to tf > maps and place the file in there
Mr. Hammer
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Fort Foxtrot Alpha 4

    Change Log: - Added a ramp to the control point - Fixed clip brushes - Changed skybox - Other minor changes
  2. Fort Foxtrot Alpha 3

    Change log: - Updated skybox - Moved player clip ceiling higher - Bug fixes
  3. Fort Foxtrot Alpha 2

    I have updated Fort Foxtrot to alpha 2! Mostly minor changes for this update. Change Log: - Lowered ceiling in certain parts - Made BLU lights less intense - Expanded courtyard outside the spawn room - Removed some walls near the point