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KOTH Five Final.1

"Consider that bill vetoed!"

  1. Cynder loves Portal
    koth_five_final0014.jpg This is a complete remake of my abandoned RC1 of my map five.

    Capture the control point in the garden. You'll have to figure out how turn on the teleport in the war room on first....

    koth_five_final0000.jpg koth_five_final0001.jpg koth_five_final0002.jpg koth_five_final0003.jpg koth_five_final0004.jpg koth_five_final0005.jpg koth_five_final0007.jpg koth_five_final0008.jpg koth_five_final0009.jpg

    War room teleport active...

    koth_five_final0012.jpg koth_five_final0013.jpg


    1. koth_five_final0015.jpg
    2. koth_five_final0016.jpg
    3. koth_five_final0017.jpg
    4. koth_five_final0018.jpg
    5. koth_five_final0020.jpg
    6. koth_five_final0022.jpg
    7. koth_five_final0025.jpg
    8. koth_five_final0026.jpg
    9. koth_five_final0027.jpg

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