Koth Ellius B1

A Japan themed koth map

  1. Ailurus
    Hey everyone thank you for coming to check out my map Koth Ellius.
    This is a map I have been working on over the past 12 weeks, it's my first finished map, so it's a bit rough around the edges but I'm relatively happy with where it is at, still open to feedback though. :D

    The map is japan themed and a massive thanks to all the amazing 3d artist who worked on the Japan asset packs and other packs that I have used.

    I've been developing this map along prolander and highlander players to attempt to make it fun in competitive.

    If you want to help with the development even closer you can join my discord and get updated map files, screenshots ect. :) https://discord.gg/pcuX8qM
    20190424200007_1.jpg 20190423152940_1.jpg
    20190423153141_1.jpg 20190423153159_1.jpg

    Thank you for watching. :)

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  1. fixed a few things

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    Version: A1
    this is such a beauftiul map :^)
  2. Anonymous
    Version: A1
    Best koth map :D