koth brain mill A4

on a boring farm. two teams fight each other. with guns...

  1. the "more test results" update

    *reduced health and ammo in the hut next to mid.
    *added a medium healthpack behind the splitting wall in the second courtyard after spawn.(yes vulduv. everyone will tottaly know where that is.)
    *tweaked the small hut like things right after you walk out of spawn. i moved the exit so you can see from the second courtyard to spawn(doesent realy effect gameplay... i think...) and added another exit from the hut thingy.
    *AND THE BIGGEST CHANGE! I ADDED AN INTIERLY NEW ROUTE! behind the extended wall near the rock closer to spawn. i added a route that goes to the mid hut. there is a big enough hight diffrence, so i dont get a big ugly sightline.
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