KotF Triumph a2a

Capture an hold the flag

  1. Narpas
    ***IMPORTANT NOTE!*** Requires tf_flag_caps_per_round to be set to 0 in order for the gamemode to work. This can be done with SourceMod using the command "!cvar tf_flag_caps_per_round 0". This should reset automatically on map change

    A map that I've made for a custom gamemode that I've come up with, a variant of King of the Flag. The gamemode, which was created to try and fix some of the problems inherent in the CtF gamemode for TF2, starts with a single neutral flag at mid, which can be picked up by either team and taken to their base. Once a team captures the flag in their base, a KotH timer starts counting down and they must defend the flag from being picked up by the enemy team. The timer stops once the enemy team has picked up the flag, at which point they must take it back to their base. Once the flag is dropped, it can be picked up by either team and taken to their base, but once it has been capped it can only be picked up by the enemy team. The goal is to hold the flag in your base until your timer runs out, at which point you win.

    This gamemode was created to hopefully fix some of the problems with stock CtF, the main two being stalemates and split teams. Stock CtF often leads to stalemates, with both teams defending but neither being able to push through to attack. This gamemode will hopefully fix this by forcing a win state if a team can't push enough, much like in KotH. Another problem with stock CtF that I've often seen cited is that each team is split into two sub-teams, attackers and defenders. I'm hoping that this is alleviated in this gamemode as you attack and defend at different times. In addition to these problems, I've attempted to address some issues with existing maps on a level design scale, such as attackers often needing to go past enemy spawns to get to the flag, and rewarding turtling. Hopefully these issues should be fixed, but might need a bit of testing to polish.

    The map itself uses mirrored symmetry, with mid being in the shape of an equilateral triangle, orienting the bases at 60 degrees from one another. No-man's-land is split into three sections: a main mid section, which is open and triangular; a more enclosed area housing the flag which is the quickest route from spawn to mid; and a flank path that is only accessible to attackers and gives them high ground, but is farthest away from spawns. The bases themselves are split into to main sections, the main part of the base housing the flag and is intended to be contested more, which is in line with mid and the flanks, and an area around team spawns which is in line with the flag route.

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