Klondike a3

Player Destruction in a mine in northwestern Canada

  1. a2

    Finally fixed lighting on corrugated metal
    Fixed train sounds only playing after 10 seconds
    Minor optimization
    Added trigger_push underneath train to push away any debris or gold bars that get trapped underneath them
    Placed trigger_hurts in the train tunnel walls in case the train pushes you into them
    Removed trigger_hurts from the train, so now it just pushes you
    Changed skybox, environment lighting, and fog to better suit the theme
    Placed func_nobuild around trees
    Scaled mid down by 128 units along the X axis and 256 along the Y axis
    Added dynamic spawn wave times:
    -Set to 8 seconds during a tie
    -Winning team is 10 seconds
    -Losing team is 6 seconds
    Completely remade every area past mid
    Ammopack in flank by train is now medium
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