Klondike B6

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Klondike B6

What would you do for a mediocre 5cp map?

A 5cp map set in a cold industrial compound up north.

A map that started life out as an attempt to improve on cp_yukon, but has since been changed to an original design. Aimed mostly towards 6v6 play, in which it has been playtested.

Current version B6.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. B6, House rework along many other changes

    Coming back to this project after some time again. Changes: -Redesigned most of house and it's exits to mid -Redesigned valley exit to mid to reduce sightlines -Added catwalks on mid -Changed the design of the tower on mid for a different one...
  2. B5a, minor fixes

    -Fixed a broken areaportal -Some minor changes in skybox and textures
  3. B5: The return

    After taking some time off I decided to return working on this map for now. Firstly, let's make this look a bit less miserable. -Changed skybox and adjusted lightning -(Hopefully) a major optimization change around the mid-second area -Changed...