Kiviak B1

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Believe it or not we're hoping to update this one more time!

New in this version:
-Normal Pop!
-Changes to Advanced Pop!
-Map rotated to better match skybox
-Lighter shadows
-More Displacements



Popfile Changes:
Wave 1 - C.A.P.P.E.R Scouts upgraded to giant, Bots spawn in squads

Wave 2 - Giant Black Box / Battalion's Backup Soldier added, Powerjack Pyros slowed slightly

Wave 3 - Additional tank added. More and stronger Giant Demomen. New Huo Long Heater Heavies

Wave 4 - Spies spawn to a less ridiculous degree. Max robots enforced

Wave 5 - Additional non-giant crit heavies with medics added. Giant heavy has crits too. Also support squads of Bushwhacka Snipers with Buff Banner / Escape Plan Soldiers

Wave 6 - 6 Tanks total. Manmelter Pyros and Caber Demomen added to the Batsaber Scout supports

Both paths are twistier, which should make sightlines even shorter.
Church moved entirely
Out of bounds areas expanded in preparation for 3d skybox

Snow textures and skybox changed to timberghost artpass ones
More enterable buildings
Less dev textures, more displacements
Gosh we changed a lot. Here goes:

Custom Advanced Popfile!
Wave 1 - Cow Mangler Soldiers, Pyro and Scouts with Secondary Weapons. Some very lost Huntsman Snipers

Wave 2 - Powerjack Pyros with Medics. Shotgun Heavies for Support. Retro.

Wave 3 - One tank with 2 Giant Demomen. Consider it a warning.

Wave 4 - Conch Soldiers, Pyros, Scouts, Demomen and Heavies. Spies too, oh my!

Wave 5 - Giant Deflector Heavy and Two Giant Medics. They are the 1%.

Wave 6 - Two Big Boss Tanks, served on a bed of Crit Bat Scouts. Serves 6.


Big Layout Changes!
Nearly everything outside the robot spawn are has been redesigned if not utterly replaced. The map now features:
-A second tank path
-Frigid, watery deathpits
-A second, larger spine bulding
-A severely abbreviated bot-delay pit
-Sightlines are a lot shorter​

Cool Snow! Hot Wood!
The map now looks more like a Greenlandic Village, thanks partly to @Tumbolisu 's Ice, Snow and Ice and partly to some colorful painted wood textures vmt'd into exisence by yours truly​

Other Changes!
-Hatch area / Player spawn is brighter. Like a lot brigher. Almost too bright. Covering the entire radar station in baby oil didn't help. New texture for the next version.
-Definitely an explosion at the hatch now
-Improved clipping/nobuild
-Bots enter map from BOTH entrances
-99% of bigrock advanced robot content removed
-Robot engineers and snipers effectively nerfed

...Oh man, that's beautiful
Some minor fixes:
-Replaced an unpacked custom texture with a stock one
-Added a respawnroomvisualizer to red spawn
-A few geometry changes