Kauffmann a4

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Kauffmann a4

A WIP Attack/Defense map based on FLW's Fallingwater

A rustic little map settled into a mountainous river gorge
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Updated to Alpha 4

    -Updated to Alpha 4 --Extended RED's respawn rate time after A Point is captured --Replaced much of the ground brushes with displacements --Altered BLU spawn Geometry --Added and changed geometry for the first area outside BLU's spawn...
  2. Updated to Alpha 3

    Updated to Alpha 3 -Fixed visible Nodraw in BLU spawn -Changed BLU spawn geometry -Extended capture time for A point -Shortened capture time for B point -Removed unnecessary rock props in the river -Fixed a few sightlines and bullet collisions...
  3. Updated to Alpha 2

    Updated to Alpha 2: -Removed the U-turn out of BLU spawn -Added 15 seconds to the setup time -Replaced some push triggers with player clips -Scaled up water texture -Added a resupply in RED's 2nd Spawn chamber -Tweaked the timer and time gained...