Kanyona A3

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Kanyona A3

Going back to my (Terrible) roots w/ a Koth Map

Got bored of my 5cp and started working on a new mirrored symmetry koth map.

Screens (no top-down this time, sorry!):
20160528120121_1.jpg 20160528120027_1.jpg 20160528120046_1.jpg 20160528120038_1.jpg 20160528120010_1.jpg
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Textures 'n' Shit

    Changelog: GENERAL: -Got bored and added some textures SPAWN TRANSITION: -Added a 1-way door in favor of those leaving spawn to the doorway in line with the side entrance to the train room -Changed the slanted building to be a small shack that...
  2. Slight rename and a Few Changes (A2)

    Changelog: GENERAL: -Renamed from Canyon to Kanyona (mostly a joke) -Brightened and added lights where necessary SPAWN: -Made the spawn room larger and above the ground to give those who are leaving it a height advantage -Removed the outer...
  3. Fuck

    Fixed the spawns