Kalinka rc5

Kalinka, because its in soviet Russia.

  1. a8


    -made the left side enterance to mid smaller and buffed the rightside enterance
    -removed the concrete barrier wall wich players could jump over
    -made 2nd forward spawn face mid to cause less confusion
    -changed props inside the mid building
    -added jumpable awning on top of the lower enterance to mid
    -reworked the left flank from mid to 2nd to feel a bit more chokey
    -moved pickups around on house and added an additional small ammo

    -added an alternative door to the rightside alternative shutter route
    -reworked main enterance a bit
    -added some highground for the defending team closer to main enterance
    -made some brushes behind 2nd into displacements instead
    -moved medium health closer to the point
    -replaced small ammo with a medium and moved it next to the med health
    -added an additional small ammo to the new highground
    -a few new props and lights

    -moved highround a bit higher behind the last point
    -made right side ramp up to the highground wider
    -made the flank/secret on the right side smaller to make it easier to clear last
    -added a prop jump from lower right to top right
    -removed the left railing on lobby and added some props to get up easier

    -spec cams!
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