Kaibace V4

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Kaibace V4


In 1968, Saxton Hale bought constuction workers to build 2 bases in the middle of the jungle, just for the mercinaries...
these bases are those bases...

Kaibbace translation:2Base

Note:I would REALLY apperciate feedback concidering, im trying to make a better version of 2fort, that is....not 2fort, but similar.

Hope you guys like the map!
!_Laksbi_! / Spirit
First release
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Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. Kaibace V4

    Update 4:Fixed a few textures, and 2 clipping problems...
  2. Kaibace V3

    Major Update! Fixed ALOT of textures, here's a list of a few:Skybox, Mayann textures, ext. Fully Compiled the entire map....THIS TOOK 4 HOURS!!! (so it's not as laggy) ...ok...I appollogize for the terrible optimisation and terrible textures...
  3. Ctf_Kaibace

    Update 1: Fixed Textures and map "dents". Update 2: Changed the Health Packs behind the stairs to be medium health kits. (In Intel Room) (From Full Health Kits) Added steps in the water to the stairs in "underground". Fixed one problem in the...