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Multi Stage Kahoalii A4a

[volcano name] has got nothing on this.

  1. Walnuts, peanuts, pineapple smells

    Kahoalii has now been updated to A3!

    Current changes include

    General changes:
    • Slight artpass to map
    • spectator cameras
    • Slight lighting adjustments
    Stage 1 changes:

    • Reworked Finale, giving area more height variation and more spots for engineers to use to defend
    • Gave red spawn multiple exits to prevent spawn camping
    • Buildings around Blu spawn have been reworked to be more obvious flank routes and defensive positions for Red
    • slightly adjusted track
    • added rollback zones to some hills
    • a point has been reworked to include new defensive positions to make route more obvious for attackers
    Stage 2 changes:

    • - Room for Blue team to not be instantly killed when spawning added.
    • -Left side route detailed.
    • - Death pit gate split in two
    • - Added a wider balcony to last
    • - Raised the J flank to the right of last
    • - Added walls to the hedge garden
    • - Background buildings and sorts
    • - 1 2 2 -1 (again)

    Wish us luck on the contest! :medal:


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