Just Another Payload Map

Just Another Payload Map Alpha 5

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Just Another Payload Map Alpha 5

Snow-themed payload map that I can't think of a name for just yet

This is my first time making a payload map! It's got: a payload cart, tracks for it to run on, points for BLU to capture, and spawn rooms for the players to spawn in. What's that? Good gameplay? Hmm, nope, that one's not on my checklist. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine.
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  1. Alpha 5!

    General: A thru C was very blue sided due to a combination of factors. It was hard for red to set up, and even if they could, blue team often had plenty of high ground and/or powerful sightlines Now red team will respawn when points are capped...
  2. Alpha 4!!

    Last test... did not go great. Started out with a server crash, then it turns out I had spawn issues and the new area I added made it completely insufferable for blue to push last. Cherry on top: I wasn't able to play and the demo is broken, so...
  3. Alpha 3 baybee

    General: Changed red's first spawn to the one at C point, cutting out the extra spawn Fixed the teleporter at said spawn room Changed the way blu's forward spawns work Tweaked pickups Optimization A: Decided to completely redo the point. It...