just a small little tiny minuscule pyro 2019-08-02

3D model of a tiny pyro

  1. The Bran Man
    This is just a quick little model of a pyro I made in Blender. Isn't he cute? I'm gonna be busy the next couple days, and dont have the time to rig and port to SFM, however I am making this model open source! So if you wanna model some fun little hats onto it, port it, or whatever, you can! You can download the .fbx via Dropbox here!


    1. ezgif-5-357987cc0a2e.gif

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  1. Berry
    Version: 2019-08-02
    kjb sfiujbdgo09aqdbgpaq;dbnaqd i love this
  2. Dactir / #PrayForKyoani
    Dactir / #PrayForKyoani
    Version: 2019-08-02
    This is pretty sweet. Great job