Junkyard A10

What is this place? What will it become?

  1. :D

    -added new cover in underpoint area
    -added new cover near the valley
  2. cover & jumppad

    -new cover on point to prevent heavies using some op angles on point
    (now it is easier for demoman and soldier to splash damage heavy standing on point with new things added)
    -jump pad now has arrow sign to let players know that it exist
  3. ok

    -now you can jump onto point from left side with new props
    -saw in valley so pyros can blast people into it
  4. window on mid & jump pads in yard & truck

    lets see how it works
  5. some new dirt piles on mid to help scout and pyro and myabe other classes reach some jumps

    i can always delete them i suppose
  6. it is it

    heavy is op :mad:
  7. new cover on middle

    small changes
  8. demoknight?

    -new underpass area under point to allow fast flank
    -gravel mount to help scouts perform some jumps on mid
    -palette that allows demoknight do nice jump
    -health cabinets can heal from side a bit now
    -new health cabinet on upper part of spawn
  9. things have changed

    -spawn room reworked. now all people spawn on the bottom but they can still go upper part of spawn to reach new exit that is suppose to help dealing with potencial spawn camp
    -water pool added in valley. it will allow for crazy soldier bombs. it might be awsome. we will see
    -point got some cover to break some sightlines. also point captures now a bit slower than before
    -window above vent now is closed by deafult but it can be open only by team from spawn. this was changed so people from mid...