Junglepit A4

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Junglepit A4

a koth map i made. It's better than my other map, and i think i know what i'm doing. (i think)

Koth_Junglepit is a new map i'm working on! It's supposed to be better than some of my other maps, because i prioritised mostly on the gameplay instead of the looks. And i wanted to create something 'serious' with a "normal/.gamemode. There is supposed to be trigger_push brushes on some of the edges, but it doesn't work right now. I'll look into it and try to fix it.

The map is maybe a little underscaled, especially around the point, but i thought i would upload it first to see what you think. So as long as i get feedback, i will keep updating it. Lighting of some sort will probably be added soon

I hope this map seems interesting, because i'm planning a`lot,.with it.
-Duckjoke o◡<
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Latest updates

  1. A4 update

    New update! A4 update: Fixed some smallbclipping errors, that made bots get stuck. Added1some small fences at some of the ledges,nso you can't jump up there without doublejumping orausing rocket launchers, stickybomb launchers4etc. Example...
  2. A3 update

    New Update! A3 update Changes: I made the little path around the point wider, and made the sniper deck a little further away. (The map is maybe still a little underscaled, but i'll try to get it tested soon) Before: After: The...
  3. Lighting!

    Sry that i waited a little to add this, but it's here now so.. I guess it's ok? Expect more updates in the future. I also updated the images of the map, so thats cool. -Duckjoke o◡<