Junction 2 final6_fix2

Junction, but better

  1. 14bit
    The moment you've all been waiting for is here.

    Introducing Junction 2, the next generation of Team Fortress 2 map making.

    • Full clipping pass
      • Most props in gamplay space that caused issues before are now non-solid
      • Made clipping consistent throughout Blu's spawn
      • Railings are now non-solid and have playerclips
      • Removed some overzealous clipping above playable spaces
    • Rebuilt all of the logic in the map to bring it up to modern standards
      • Removed unused logic related to manually calling announcer voice lines for the round start countdown
      • Reorganized points in the HUD to make more sense in modern TF2
      • Fixed all respawn room doors closing automatically after three seconds even if someone was still in the door's trigger
      • Fixed func_respawnrooms not covering the entriety of spawn for both teams
      • Added a flashing lights warning
    • Added more space in the area leading up to point A
    • Fed the crocodiles
    • Fixed misaligned textures on the func_respawnroomvisualizers
    • Redesigned point A to be a more engaging fight
      • The point is now significantly larger
      • A new area with height advantage over the point has been added behind the point, allowing for actual defense without resorting to spawn camping
    • Added a new route to point A to allow for better defense of the point
      • Also acts as a shortcut for Blu if A is the last point they cap before heading to final
    • Added a 3D skybox
    • Implemented measures to ensure players are having fun
      • These measures will activate approximately two minutes into every round
      • They will continue intermittently throughout the rest of the round
    • Improved detailing
      • Added more details to areas that were lacking
      • People had complained that Junction was detailed backwards, making Blu's spawn the most Red area of the map and final being the most neutral. This has been improved to help exemplify the narrative of the map
    • Improved lighting in key areas
      • The dynamic lights are now much more prominent
      • Audio cues have been added to help showcase the subtle lighting changes
    • Expanded Red's spawn
      • Altered locations of resupply lockers to be more easily accessible
      • Improved signage
      • Doorways for Red into final are now much larger
    • Adjustments to Blu team's spawn
      • Improved ventilation
      • Fixed misaligned spawn point
      • Improved several spawn points in various ways
      • Put the backpacks back in the hidden storage closet
    • Adjusted spawn times and active info_player_teamspawns for Red team
      • They start with a 5 second respawn time (down from 10)
      • Each point lost adds 2 seconds to their spawn time
      • Red team instantly respawns the moment both of the first points are lost
      • When the first point is lost, the info_player_teamspawns furthest from the spawn exits are disabled
      • When defending final, extra spawn points are activated closer to the spawn exits
    • Raised ceilings at point A
    • Raised ceilings at final
    • Adjusted cover on the final point
      • The doorways are now much wider
      • The walls around the point are slightly taller
      • Fixed misaligned trim piece on the walls as well
    • Modified soundscape used at final to better fit the map
    • Added patches under all health and ammo
    • Made signage consistent across the map
    • Added more env_cubemaps for more consistent reflections
    • Improved optimization

    Please note that this was my 2019 April Fools map, and is in no way to be taken seriously as a legitimate map.

    If you have photosensitive epilepsy or get easily motion sick, please avoid playing this map. It contains loud sounds, flashing images, heavy use of screen shake, and movement synchronized to music.

    The disco floor textures created by me, and the songs "Watch Your Step," "Disco Descent," and "Konga Conga Kappa" are from the Crypt of the Necrodancer OST by Danny Baranowsky.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Snufflepus Penguin
    Snufflepus Penguin
    Version: final6_fix2
    Jokes aside, there are some good improvements to the original Junction map. Making point B more expansive is good for more mobility, and you have opened some more corridors that makes it easier for BLU to flank around. It would be good if Point A and C were expanded like B.
  2. Mathtriqueur
    Version: final6_fix2
    Very good joke map. does what it needs to do very well.