jump_soob rc593

Intentionally terrible jump map, don't play unless you know what you're in for

  1. cyllek
    jump_soob is joke jump map

    theoretically you're supposed to jurf along the ramps and sync a bunch of rockets at the end ramp that's angled up, and either be blasted all the way to the end, or to the upper part before the end. If you're lucky with the angle of your sync, you might be able to just pogo to the end from here, but if you have too much height, you might have to sync two or more rockets to prevent yourself from touching the tele, and pogo from there to the end.
    You can reliably cheese the map by pogoing above the tele after the ramp section, doing a wall climb up the vertical bit, and just straight pogoing to the end. That's no fun when you can subject yourself to moderate hell in doing the jump legitimately.
    I have not completed the jump legitimately anyways so i have no idea how it plays LOL
    best of luck, and make sure to lmk if you've got a good run on the map.
    So far the WR is 58 seconds, which is found here:
    View: https://youtu.be/ZqwpoTAuQBU
    Im sure you can do better