72hr Jump Bunker Trying to fix download

You, a Red soldier has infiltrated Blu's Bunker. Get to the maintenance and shut it down.

  1. PortalStorm4000
    Originally set in a blimp (It didn't work out too well), this jump map takes place in Blu's evil Bunker.

    * Join Red Only
    * Do not use auto regenerate scripts, the map does this for you
    * Have fun

    Notes: Thanks for the ABS resources, VIDE tool, and Compile Pal! Oh, and those Frontline people and TF2maps. Also, I was having some packing errors, so sorry if it can't find a few signs. Will fix this problem as soon as I can. Also, I had to rush to get the upload down, so sorry for other bugs. Have a nice day!

    Ps... there is an easter egg.... you don't even need cheats to get to it >: )


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