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Journey Into Imagination A6

A map where you journey into the imagination of the 5 senses, with some twists!

  1. Drewfire
    Imagine for a minute that the teleporters in the world of Team Fortress can also be time machines.

    Now imagine that the mercs, with their hat obsessions, have time traveled to the year of 2002 and arrived at the Imagination Pavilion, trading their hats, weapons, and whatever else they have. Got it? Great, now you are ready to experience a Journey Into Imagination.

    This map is based off the Imagination Pavilion at WDW's Epcot park, with slight variations. Custom textures, sounds, and models were used in this production, and be sure to be on the lookout for Figment!

    The custom models, materials, and music were all made by me, with a little help from my buddy GamingJosh.

    Journey Into Imagination with Figment is made by Walt Disney Imagineering.

    Thanks to PhillipOnBread for the goofy Medic face, used in the finale!

    This map does have a soundscript, so the map will come in a .zip, please read the readme for more instruction!


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