Jinn rc1

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RC1 is finally here, complete with a full cinematic finale sequence just like the Valve maps of old. Thanks to all of our testers at TF2M and TF2C; your feedback was indispensable in making this map into what it is today! Working on this map has been an incredible journey, and I'm very proud of the result. I hope you like it too!
  • Gameplay Changes:
    • Reduced Red's spawn times across the whole map by 1 second
    • Increased archaeology by 210%
    • The kill trigger for the explosion at Final is bigger, and throws ragdolls more consistently
  • Sound improvements:
    • Reworked existing soundscapes
    • Three new custom soundscapes
    • Changed stone door opening sounds
  • Detailing tweaks and additions:
    • Added the long-awaited cinematic finale sequence
      • Added two special spectator cameras for watching the finale
    • Lighting changes:
      • New light_environment settings
      • Lighting fixes on some props
      • Lighting adjustments in a few areas
    • Further improvements to the 3D skybox
    • Loading screen images
    • Simplified server browser image
    • Many other minor changes and fixes
  • Other changes/fixes:
    • Localized text on the final capture point now uses #Badwater_cap_4 instead of #Badwater_cap_3 ("Final Capture point" instead of "Third Capture point")
    • Fixed several visible nodraw faces
    • Removed the remaining uncredited assets that slipped through
    • Re-removed changing skybox after it was accidentally re-enabled in the last version
    • Improved bot support:
      • Building hints for Engineer bots
      • Further navmesh fixes
    • Clipping fixes


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Hello, 14bit again! This is theoretically the last Beta for Jinn before RC. Have fun!
  • Lighting changes:
    • All new light_environment settings
    • Additional lighting improvements around final
  • Tons detailing tweaks and additions:
    • At least three new custom props
    • Replaced the hologram signs with new painted signs
    • The generator in Blu's spawn makes sound now
    • Map lore
    • Significant improvements to the 3D skybox
    • Many other minor changes and fixes
  • Increased archeology by 125%
  • Fixed a vis issue with a window at final
  • Fixed explosions going through the grate in the floor at B
  • Fixed the textures on Blu's Respawnroom Visualizers being visually inconsistent
  • De-jankified an out-of-bounds displacement near A that had somehow folded in on itself
  • Adjustments to health/ammo patch colors
  • Clipping fixes
Hello, 14bit again! Just some bugfixes and detail work! Completely normal! Nothing unusual going on, move along, don't look too closely. Why is this B13A and not B13? You ask too many questions.
  • Removed all remaining uncredited assets
    • This was mostly textures from the bulletcrops pack without known authors
    • In some cases new assets were created to replace them, while others were replaced with stock equivalents
  • Replaced all Frontline ammo crate models with stock equivalents
  • Improved bot support:
    • Fixed an issue in the A room that prevented bots from crossing in front of Blu's forward spawn
    • Fixed an issue where bots would attempt to use a deathpit as a flank route (finally)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented bots from crossing the plank on the top floor between A and B
    • Fixed an issue that causes bots to try and pass through the A door while it was still opening
    • Fixed an issue that prevented bots from dropping off the ledge outside of Red's forward spawn
    • Fixed an issue that prevented bots from dropping off the broken stairs in the cave near B
    • Fixed an issue that prevented bots from dropping off the ledge above the tracks at final
  • Reduced time gained on capturing B to 4 minutes (down from 5)
  • Increased archeology by 194%
  • More detailing, mostly around final and B
  • Removed a leftover sign from Blu's old forward spawn that would appear when B was captured
  • Fixed Z-fighting on the platform in the finale pit
  • Fixed the top faces of some doors being fully black
  • Fixed some extreme texture stretching on some displacements near final
  • Fixed being able to build teleporters that could block teammates from leaving Blu's forward spawn
  • Fixed the lower door on Blu's forward spawn blocking players on the platform above
  • Clipping fixes
Hello, 14bit again! While there's a few areas that still need work/will be changed, the vast majority of the map has now been artpassed! b12 was an internal version that was never publicly released, but to prevent version conflicts between the few people who do have it this version is b12a.
  • Initial artpass of:
    • Blu's forward spawn
    • Red's forward spawn
    • Final
  • New models:
    • New statue variants
      • Some statues have lost their heads, can you find all the missing heads around the map?
    • Custom pipeline at final
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the track props floating on the rollforward ramp at A
    • Fixed the finale explosion not throwing ragdolls away from the explosion (maybe?)
    • Fixed the final deathpit not having Zero Damage Force enabled
    • Fixed an issue with the 3D skybox casting shadows into the pit at final
    • Fixed an issue with being able to see the sky while underwater at Blu spawn
    • Fixed a few models without collision meshes being set to solid
    • Clipping fixes
  • Lighting improvements/adjustments
Known issues:
  • The stairs in Blu's forward spawn do not have clipping
B11 was already released for TF2C, so here's those changes for regular TF2!
  • Changes at Blu spawn:
    • Fixed a displacement seam in the floor
  • Changes at A:
    • Initial round timer increased to 330 (up from 285)
    • Time gained on capture increased to 300 (up from 240)
  • Changes at B:
    • Moved the control point closer to Final slightly
    • Time gained on capture increased to 300 (up from 240)
  • Changes at C:
    • Adjustments to cover
    • Removed wooden staircase props in the water
  • Clipping improvements
  • Lighting improvements
  • Health and ammo adjustments
14bit again, here's some fixes!
  • Fixed a few clipping issues, thanks @Boonie!
  • Fixed buoys at Blu spawn not animating
  • Fixed several missing overlays
  • Further adjusted the final path_track position to ensure the cart falls in the pit with the new, larger cart
Hello, 14bit again! Mostly gameplay stuff this time, though a little detailing here and there.
  • Changes at A/Blu Spawn:
    • Doorway to A flank rotated by 45°
    • Blu's other main spawn exit has returned (Blu now has 4 exits)
      • Changed Red's spawn time adjustment for the A door to happen on OnOpen instead of OnFullyOpen
    • Blu's forward spawn is now more well hidden while disabled
  • Changes to Final:
    • Fixed a really nasty sightline
    • Fixed another (not as bad) sightline
    • Adjustments to cover
    • The sand pit at final is now a water feature
    • There's more water in the side flank room at B/Final
    • Widened finale ramp by 32hu and adjusted sign cover
    • Adjusted final path_track to make the bomb falling in the pit more consistent
  • Time added on capture for both points increased to 4 minutes (up from 3 minutes)
  • Changes to RespawnWaveTimes:
    • Increased Red's RespawnWaveTime at final
    • Changed Red's initial RespawnWaveTime to 9 (down from 10)
    • Together, these changes mean the new times for Red team are:
      • 9 - At round start (down from 10)
      • 8 - When A door opens (down from 9)
      • 7 - When A is capped (down from 8)
      • 6 - When B door opens (down from 7)
      • 8 - When B is capped (up from 7)
    • Lowered Blu's RespawnWaveTime on final to 3 seconds (down from 6)
  • Replaced the payload model with Rexy's Tiny Boy cart
  • The skybox now randomly selects between sky_desert_01 and sky_dustbowl_01 on round start
  • Fixed a bunch of console errors related to models without collisions
  • Significant health and ammo changes
  • Lighting tweaks
  • DetailSprites!
  • Various other detailing improvements
  • Clipping improvements
Another spicy 14bit update, even though this will say it's from abp for some reason despite me (14bit) being a "team member" for it here on the site. Mysterious!

  • Changes at B:
    • Added a window to the ceiling so you can see between the point and the room above it
  • Changes at Final:
    • There's significantly more cover
    • The track is slightly different
    • The Pit in the middle is gone, filled in with sand
  • Small fixes:
    • Removed several nobuilds
    • Moved a resupply cabinet in Red's final spawn
    • Tied spectator cameras to point owners
    • Bots recalculate a lot faster when doors open
    • Replaced more custom textures with stock equivalents
    • Fixed the pits at final still having damage force (again, again)
    • Fixed a wall near B/old Blu forward spawn deflecting stickies/thrown projectiles
    • Fixed several seams in displacements
    • Fixed missing health/ammo patches
    • Fixed a torch that got shoved into a wall
  • Added bottles
  • More detailing
  • Lighting improvements
  • Additional cubemaps
  • Health and ammo adjustments
  • Significant clipping fixes
Hello, 14bit here again!
  • Almost completely reworked B/Final
    • It's way more open
    • Special thanks to @JeanPaul for the ideas/suggestions
  • New Blu forward spawn
    • It's that new door near A
  • More detailing
  • Other things I can't remember
  • The far flank door at B's speed has been returned to 20 (up from 5)
  • Changes to C:
    • Lowered the new bridge -> rest of the map connector so you can jump up it from the bottom
    • Adjustments to cover
  • Minor texture changes/fixes