1. josh_a5

    Another Bad Pun


    -New Routes around A
    -More closed doors now tell you they are closed
    -Extended wooden balcony by the river a little bit
    -New door at the end of the Birth Canal
    -Adjusted spawntimes
    -Adjusted pickups
    -New area by red last
    -Made sniper nest at the start slightly larger
    -Breakable barrels now act like water, for some reason?

    hl2 2019-02-27 20-30-55-05.png hl2 2019-02-27 20-32-20-12.png
    hl2 2019-02-27 20-33-14-07.png


    1. hl2 2019-02-27 20-32-45-13.png
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