Jimijam A4

The legend lives on

  1. Kube
    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle!

    Old site thread for reference: 24843

    koth_jimijam is now ml_jimijam. "Well, what in tarnation is ML?" you ask.

    Missile Launch is a custom gamemode, that's what. It takes all the fun of Tug-O'-War and compresses it into a single, stationary capture zone.

    How's ML work? Stand on the capture zone until the cart icon reaches your opponent's base icon. No one ever "owns" a point in a ML map.

    Keep in mind that ML is hugely experimental. Place your bets now on how quickly I'll abandon this map.

    A huge thanks goes out to @fubarFX for providing me with his TOW entity setup.

    This map has been uploaded to the server.

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