Jimi Jam Lemonade Poster 2017-08-07


  1. TomFaulty
    I've always imagined JimiJam as a lemonade chain, something similar to Orange Julius, except they were very childish in their branding, to the point of serving their drinks with crazy straws. In my mind ever since I first saw JimiJam's head, I imagined him being the mascot for a lemonade company and he was a happy lemon farmer-guy who never grew tired of a child-like happiness.

    Since I've thought about it more, I really dig the concept of a lemonade store that serves the best lemonade to adults, but in the sense that they're kids again. It'd be fun, it's the one place you stop by and get colorful fun lemonade with a crazy straw! This is one of my first ever attempts to put an image to my concepts like that. With that said, I fell in love with the badge of JimiJam's head. It inspired and motivated me to do what I've done today, much love to everyone and to TF2Maps for hosting this lovely charity event. <3

    Lemon PNG used with permission under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC