Jerseph Jerstar

72hr Jam 2022 Jerseph Jerstar 2017-02-11

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72hr Jam 2022 Jerseph Jerstar 2017-02-11

A Drawing of A Joseph Joestar loadout for Scout.

As the Tag Line states, this is a drawing of the Scout. Like the drawing I've submitted last year, this one features a subject in a portrait image. However, instead of just featuring a bust shot of one of the classes, I feature an upper body shot of a class doing a somewhat dynamic pose. Despite my lack of ability in drawing arms and my laziness in fully shading the image, I would say this project was a success for being done in a few hours.

Feel free to use this for any projects of your own, if that is your thing.

  1. Click on the download link.
  2. Right click the picture and select, "Save Image As."
  3. Save it as your favorite image file-type with any name you want.
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