JAWS | Pyroshark Recreation 2019-08-04

jaws, but with a pyroshark instead.

  1. loley
    self explanatory, it's the jaws movie poster, but with the evil, yucky,
    pyroshark. not exactly sure how to post this on here, but i hope this is good enough to be classified as part of the jam.


    started: 6:35 pm 8/3/2019
    finished: 1:00 am 8/4/2019

    i spent quite a while working on this, as you can tell. i mean, this includes stuff like breaks, figuring out how to do half of this stuff, etc. i think it turned out pretty well, and i hope you guys do, too!


    Enhanced Pyro
    Watervoid - V2
    Almost Water

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  1. VR456
    Version: 2019-08-04
    Basically, a movie about 2fort routine