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Japanese Style Paper Lanterns 1.0

Made by EArkham

  1. EArkham

    Team Fortress 2 Model: Japanese Style Paper Lanterns
    Release: 08-14-2010
    Author: EArkham

    UPDATED: 08-31-2010 -- Added larger variants scaled at x1.5 & x1.7 respectively

    * screenshot_paperlanterns.jpg

    * lanterns_README.txt

    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern01.dx80.vt x
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern01.dx90.vt x
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern01.jpg
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern01.mdl
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern01.phy
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern01.sw.vtx
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern01.vvd
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern02.dx80.vt x
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern02.dx90.vt x
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern02.jpg
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern02.mdl
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern02.phy
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern02.sw.vtx
    * models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern02.vvd

    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01.vmt
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01.vtf
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01b.vmt
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01b.vtf
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01c.vmt
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01c.vtf
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01d.vmt
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01d.vtf
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01e.vmt
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01e.vtf
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01f.vmt
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern 01f.vtf
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern _normal.vtf
    * materials\models\earkham\props_asian\paper_lantern _selfillum.vtf


    * ~1060 polys
    * LODs of ~500 @ 12 pixel units
    * Textures are 512x512 w/ alpha

    Unzip this archive to the "SteamApps\[USERNAME]\team fortress 2\tf\" directory and content should be placed automatically.

    In a map, these work best if you disable the prop's shadows & self-shadowing, make the props NON-SOLID, and place a similarly
    coloured light entity at their center with a brightness of ~8-10.

    This is an original model created with XSI Mod Tool and Adobe Photoshop CS.


    You are free to use this in any Team Fortress 2 map, including contest-related maps (if contest rules allow custom content).

    Do not modify or redistribute without asking me first.

    Please give credit as: EArkham

    Thanks, and I hope folks find this useful! [​IMG]


    1. screenshot_paperlanterns_992.jpg