Japan Content Pack

Japan Content Pack 1.1

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Japan Content Pack 1.1

Pack of props, textures, overlays and particles used in Suijin + more!

You've probably all seen Suijin by now, this is the pack of every custom asset (and MORE!) that went into it.

It contains models, textures, particles, and overlays, enough to make a complete Japanese themed map.

The pack was a collaboration between E-Arkham (who made all the good looking models in the pack) and myself. Be sure to send enormous amounts of love his way because he has done some spectacular work, so big thanks to him.


Please do not redistribute this pack. The download is located on the TF2Maps.net site and that is where I wish for it to stay.
If you use it in your map, please provide credit. Otherwise, go nuts.
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Visually exciting to see maps using Asian themes like this one, glad to see it officially recognized.