Jamrock A1

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Jamrock A1

A mansion in an autumn setting.

Welcome to Jamrock!
(I didn't actually know the song. The map title originated from the shemrock-shape of the mid building)

My first map desperately tries to be a place - a mansion in an most likely autumn setting.

The owner has left and the property decays. His agent found two coequal interested parties.
But the real estate market is no bed of roses. You have to fight to claim your choice - literally.

Or is there no agent, the owner didn't leave but got chased away? Does this place decay by time or explosions?

This started as a Koth but has evolved to its final mode: 5cp.
Bud Calypso
First release
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Symmetrical CP

Latest updates

  1. First 5CP version of the formerly Koth Map Jamrock

    Reupload to the Site, replacing the download via external site.