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-moved spawns forward about 256 units
-changed lighting color/skybox to dustbowl (was hydro)
-added extra clipping
-modified the building in front of spawn slightly
-added signs for battlements, capture point exits, etc
-probably some other small stuff not mentioned here
20170108193037_1.jpg 20170108193048_1.jpg 20170108193056_1.jpg 20170108193102_1.jpg 20170108193107_1.jpg 20170108193110_1.jpg
-fenced off a bit
-closed up a window at mid (except for a top corner, have fun demomen)
-added a small shed near mid for cover
-patched up blu spawn
-added a light
20170106210445_1.jpg 20170106210448_1.jpg 20170106210452_1.jpg
-completely redid the entire lobby area, lighting, some parts of mid, and the left flank
-whole lotta other stuff that i can't list here
-added some smol details and fixed bugs
20170105165436_1.jpg 20170105165437_1.jpg 20170105165445_1.jpg 20170105165446_1.jpg 20170105165447_1.jpg 20170105165451_1.jpg
-removed the side shacks beside the point on mid
-removed the roof on mid and modified some cover around it
-widened the stairs on one of the side flanks
-made some of the ammo around the point smaller
20170101201703_1.jpg 20170101204439_1.jpg 20170101204442_1.jpg 20170101204448_1.jpg
-fixed some clipping in the connector areas
-compiled without cordon (whoops) and fixed some areas that leaked
-fixed light shining through func_brushes on the roof

-removed and moved around pickups
-renovated the side areas around mid to help remedy the un-contenstable nature of the last version
-changed lighting/skybox to the hydro sky and highpass lighting

20161231201005_1.jpg 20161231201016_1.jpg 20161231201017_1.jpg

speshul thanks to yrr for telling me about a real handy way to copy geometry around using visgroups, and wormatty and some others in chat for layout advice and general theory advice