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Ivanpah a6

KOTH map set in the Mojave Desert

a simple little KOTH map i made using the husk of a scrapped 5cp map!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. a6 - movin spawns and small stuff

    -moved spawns forward about 256 units -changed lighting color/skybox to dustbowl (was hydro) -added extra clipping -modified the building in front of spawn slightly -added signs for battlements, capture point exits, etc -probably some other small...
  2. little things

    -fenced off a bit -closed up a window at mid (except for a top corner, have fun demomen) -added a small shed near mid for cover -patched up blu spawn -added a light
  3. a4 - the big kahuna

    -completely redid the entire lobby area, lighting, some parts of mid, and the left flank -whole lotta other stuff that i can't list here -added some smol details and fixed bugs