Irrigation a5

Its a farm-themed map with a bad layout except mid is pretty cool

  1. puxorb
    Originally posted in August 2015:
    I guess I should make a thread for this. It was tested once before.

    Thanks to Ynders for the map name.

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    CP_IRRIGATION is a 5cp map that takes inspiration from at least 4 of the original 6 maps added to TF2.

    The farming theme is directly inspired by ctf_2fort and cp_granary which both have a very familiar feeling to them. When done right, the farming theme is among the best looking themes for a map.

    The map makes use of large windowed buildings overlooking the center three control points, as well as two evenly split routes; both of which are prominent features of cp_well. The sewers and the overall design of A (last) were heavily inspired by the map as well.

    The center control point is housed inside a small shack and makes use of an accessible rooftop like control point B on cp_gravelpit.

    Control point B is set half-inside a building, creating an interesting cover system similar to control point B on cp_granary.

    This map was started as a challenge to myself not to conform to typical custom mapping behavior. You'll notice that no two areas are similarly detailed. I wanted to avoid the lazy detailing of "color swapping" areas and leaving it at that. I also wanted to avoid the uniformity of mapping, where every room has a similar wall height, wall thickness, method of lighting, textures, etc, only being connected by simple doorframes or tunnels. Walls in this map range in thickness from 4hu all the way up to 64. The shapes of the rooms and buildings are unique to RED and BLU owned areas respectively. This helps achieve a level of realism to the structures.

    The map was also designed with a specific theme in mind. It definitely slows the iterative process of updating the map to have very specific building shapes, but I feel its better than having the theme be an afterthought. Too many times I've seen maps (or made them) without any thought about what purpose a building might serve thematically, not just gameplay-wise, or what it will look like when fully detailed. This often results in a "forced" detailing style where its obvious that the mapper placed assets of a certain theme into an area without careful thought about their purpose or functional requirements.

    I hope this didn't come off as too pretentious. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else or that their maps are bad, I just want to make something that feels realistic.


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