Inversion A5

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Inversion A5

Only one!

Inversion is an Attack Defense map!

Thanks to:
Tarry S Hruman for tc_underbid, which would become the basis for this map
Corvatile, for good ass feedback
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. A bit

    Alright, not much that got changed here. Change Log: - Reverted some detailing - Added lights in BLU spawn - Added a ray gun - Gave BLU spawn proper set up gates
  2. BLU again

    Update, but without the screenshots! Change Log: - Moved RED spawn back from B, giving a bit of breathing room to the point - Added a room on the upper route to B for BLU, slightly increasing the walk - Removed a ramp that made the height over...
  3. BLU push!

    This update mainly focuses on making B easier for BLU to pressure, while also giving RED a bit of a foothold int he upper areas of B Change Log: - Redid the dropdown room, taking it out of RED sniper sightlines, and adding a medium health and...